3 “Business Modules” to help you to get people to do what you want them to do, what they were hired to do … and be liked, admired, and respected during and after the interaction. No bull!

Manipulation of people, especially intentional manipulation but also unintentional, accidental manipulation, will cripple even the most promising small business owner’s future or any supervision or management career.

In this series of brief blogs, you will be exposed to – or reminded of – a strategic approach to stay out of the manipulation minefield and become a much more persuasive leader of people – at work, at home, heck, everywhere.

This blog will introduce a 6 Step Model which was initially developed to help first-time supervisors and managers to get people to do what they were hired to do.

The model has been embraced over the years, not only by entry-level people brand-spanking new to management, but also by seasoned veterans with considerable experience. This series of blogs will broaden your knowledge, expand your awareness and [self-admission] deepen my own understanding. I welcome your feedback.

Come back tomorrow for blog #2: “Introduction to Coach – Mentor – Counselor.”