Introduction to “Coach – Mentor – Counselor.” The “Science” and the “Art” of managing people.

Much has been written about needs and wants of human beings and there is now general acceptance, across the various scientific communities, that there exists three core needs present in everyone: need for Control, need for Love, and need for Self-Esteem. That is the broad “science” of the equation. It’s easy to think about. You get it. But ….

Often, many things which are easy to think about are not at all easy to do. And in those instances, we tend to refer to them as an “art”: the art of communication; the art of relationship building; the art of leadership; and a whole host of other arts.

The “art” of People Management is how to apply the science, core needs, when engaged with influencing others to do what you want them to do, what they were hired to do.

I suggest there are three Business Modules: “Coach – Mentor – Counselor.” Knowledge of, and application of, these three modules will provide you with a strategic focus to leadership and management and allow you to systematize your approach. Execute with excellence and you will acquire legitimate, repeatable leverage to simplify the science of managing people.

We’ll look at them one blog at a time. Today: Coach.

The purpose of the Coach is to inspire and motivate.

The “How To’s” of the Coach model include clarify expectations [theirs, mine, ours]; probe [for understanding of expectations]; give praise [specific and sincere] and challenge [to get to higher levels of excellence] using open-ended questions [what, when, which, where, who, why, or how] followed by active, empathic listening [not hearing].

Coach model is often best used with high-performing individuals [not exclusively]. Most certainly however, when someone is already “above standard” is already a star performer, they don’t need to be taught or told. They need to be inspired, motivated, empowered.

Coach is tapping into their wisdom, their commitment, their inner enthusiasm and developed skills of getting things done [whole person: body, heart, mind spirit].

Come back tomorrow for Mentor.