World class athletes have long known the value, the necessity, of having a coach guide them. Business leaders are now realizing that this same principle can also help them get to world class. Every Coach out there will tell you this as a way to persuade you to retain their services.

However … they often will not tell you:

The right business coach can help you grow your business … but the wrong coach can totally, completely muck it up!

The very greatest athletes – without exception – have a coach. So do the very greatest business leaders. Might having a coach be right for you? In truth, only you can say.

To discover for yourself whether you might be a candidate who truly might benefit from coaching Ray offers a way for you to ‘try before you buy’ at zero risk, zero cost and zero obligation.

Now, let’s be real, our internet driven world is filled with FREE OFFER, NO RISK, MAKE MONEY GUARANTEED scams and as a result many folks have become more than a tad cynical. Please, hear this offer out. Ray promises there is no catch.

Ray’s has been described by one of his longest clients as: “The Simon Cowell of coaching … only nicer!” [Mark Zeidenberg, Owner, Inter World Paper Overseas Limited]. It is true that Ray’s style is not for everyone. He’s not vying to be your friend, you’ve got enough friends, but he’s not vying to bully you like Simon Cowell was known to do.

To determine if Ray’s style and approach might be right for you he offers a free introductory session – no cost, no risk, no obligation … and no bull!

Naturally, to qualify for the free coaching certain minimal conditions apply. Basically, you must be a small business owner, executive or manager, commissioned sales professional or solo-preneur; you must have 5 or more years of solid business experience; finally, you must have a strong desire and a lingering belief that you are capable of getting to higher levels of performance and better results.

That’s it!

If you are in the GTA the session can best take place eyeball to eyeball, kneecap to kneecap, in person. If further afield we’ll do it via telephone or webinar.

To get more details or to set up an appointment call or email.